Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Telecommunications

  • Demonstrate professional responsibility and ethical practice, and to observe safe and healthy work practice;

  • Practise social, cultural, and environmental responsibilities of a professional in telecommunication by applying the principles and technology for sustainable development;

  • Engage in lifelong learning and continuing professional development as a professional in telecommunication.

Career Prospects

The following are examples of career possibilities that students can expect upon graduation.

  • Telecommunications Engineer

  • Technical Marketing Executive

  • Sales Engineer

  • Equipment Testing Engineer

  • Technical Executive

  • Telecommunications Technician

  • Quality Control Supervisor

  • Equipment Engineer

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Programme Outline

Telecommunications encompasses a wide range of technology-related business sectors like telephone services, wireless communication, the Internet, fiber-optics and satellites and entertainment-driven industries like Cable TV. With the growth of users of these technologies, skilled professionals are in demand to support development and the services of telecommunications systems.

This programme aims to provide graduates with a strong basis in telecommunications technology theory practice as well as an appreciation of important specializations in this field such as wireless, mobile Internet and optical communications.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Identify, formulate and solve problems in telecommunication and related fields;

  • Apply the knowledge of science, mathemcatics and engineering to the field of telecommunication;

  • Apply and use modern telecommunication equipment, instruments, hardware and software in meeting specified objectives;

  • Design telecommunication systems, components, processes to meet defined specifications;

  • To conduct research and development in specialised areas of telecommunication technology;