Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Computer Systems and Networks

  • Able to communicate and deal effectively with professional peers and with society at large including in an international environment.

  • Able to perform professionally as an individual and in a team, and with the ability to lead and manage.

  • Believing in the values of professional and ethical responsibilities and always upholding these principles.

  • Taking up social, cultural and environmental responsibilities and to be aware of the need for sustainability in any business operation.

  • Recognise the need for life-long learning and possessing the attitude and capacity to do so.

Career prospects

Upon graduation, you will be well placed to become a Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Operation Engineer/Manager, Network Designer, Systems Analyst, Systems Programmer, LAN Manager or WAN Manager, Network Consultant.

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Programme Outline

Computer systems and networks are all over the world and keep on growing. Types of networks range from the simple LANs (Local Area Networks) to huge networks like WANs (Wide Area Networks) and the Internet. For most people, online businesses, entertainment, banking and data communication have become indispensable. This degree will prepare you to become a competent technical professional in the IT and related industries, particularly in organisations dealing with network and Internet applications.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Possess high level of competency with the ability to perform the technical functions expected of a graduate entry job in computer systems and networks.

  • Ability to apply up-to-date technologies, techniques, hardware and software resources for computer systems and networks implementation and applications.

  • Ability to apply the knowledge and skills in problem identification, formulation and implementation of solutions in computer systems and networks.