Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Liberal Studies

Programme Outline

More than just a regular degree, the Liberal Studies programme aims to provide life-enhancing and all-rounded education that will help you adapt to changing environments and prepare you for a wide variety of career opportunities.  This programme is designed to equip you with:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills to help you convey convincing messages.

  • Rational yet creative thinking to solve problem in various settings.

  • A broad knowledge base that adds value to your ideas and practices.

Career Prospects

The following are examples of career possibilities that students can expect upon graduation.

>> Psychology

  • Pursue Postgraduate Courses

  • Social Worker

  • Rehabilitation Officer

  • Wellness Consultant

  • Tutor / Assistant Lecturer

  • Customer Service Officer

>> Social Sciences

  • Pursue Postgraduate Courses

  • Tutor / Assistant Lecturer

  • Administration Executive

  • Museum Assistant

  • Employment in Public Relations / Communications / Journalism

  • Public Administration Officer

>> Humanities

  • Pursue Postgraduate Courses

  • Tutor / Assistant Lecturer

  • Research Officer

  • Tourism Officer

  • Information Manager

  • Foreign Service Officer

  • Employment in Journalism / Radio / TV / Newspaper

  • Theatre Assistant

>> Business Administration

  • Pursue Postgraduate Courses

  • Tutor / Assistant Lecturer

  • Administration Officer

  • Bank Officer

  • Human Resource Officer

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