Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Database Management

  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and in a team with the ability to lead and manage.
  • Ability to implement and maintain a safe and healthy work environment under his charge.
  • Posses a good understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and in upholding them.
  • Understand the social, cultural and environmental responsibilities of a professional in the database management industry and to apply the principles and technology into practice for sustainable development.
  • Posses the knowledge and skill, and the ability to use systematic approach, in problem identification, formulation and implementation of solutions at an enterprise level and in research.

Career Prospects

The following are examples of career possibilities that students can expect upon graduation.

  • Database Administrator
  • Database Designer
  • Database Architect
  • Database Application Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst

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Programme Outline

Database management is one of the primary functions of any software solution enterprise or IT department. It specializes in maintaining the security, accessibility and integrity of the data gathered in a database.

This programme concentrates on the use of database technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle whilst aiming to equip graduates with a deep technical knowledge of how to design, maintain and deploy large scale enterprise level databases.

Programme Outcomes

  • Posses a high level of technical competency in, and the ability to apply the knowledge and principles of database design and administration.
  • Develop strong database design skills with ability to plan, design, deploy and manage enterprise level database solutions.
  • Ability to use modern database design technologies, techniques and hardware/software resources.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, not only within the database administration community but also with society at large, and also able to work in an international environment.