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Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. As a consequence of technological development and progress, there has been a paradigm shift in education and learning from restrictions and limitations in terms of access, time and space to borderless and unlimited forms of education which are intelligence-intensive, knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive. In a world driven by accelerating technological progress and social change, there is a need for a more creative and dynamic form of education suitable for anyone, any place and any time. In this context, education has shifted from local to global, one to many, and limited to borderless. In addition, in the world of borderless and technology driven education today, the nature and profile of learners, the forms of educational resources, the roles of instructors, the applications of technological tools and pedagogies, and the evaluation systems have all been challenged. 

In the light of borderless education driven by digital technological growth, how is education affected? Are educational institutions functioning in a digitally disrupted age? Yes, it is because the new technologies, especially the digital technologies are beginning to disrupt educational institutions. However, this disruption is paving way for new and exciting opportunities in teaching, learning and research. The expectations of young students or the millennial today are rapidly changing where they demand for a more dynamic and engaged form of learning.

There are a number of reasons why education is now being disrupted. Firstly, digital technologies create new educational opportunities. Educational contents can now be delivered in a variety of different ways. The educational materials can also be made more flexible, accessible, organised and paced in a more systematic way suitable to the fast-moving digital generation. Multimedia resources can also be used to enrich the nature of instructional materials.

Secondly, as new technologies are transforming the global market, educational institutions are under external threats to adapt to new realities. The “market” will demand an education that provides skills and knowledge appropriate to a digital age. As such, educational institutions will be forced to adapt. Finally, there are also internal initiatives and realizations by the educational institutions that they have to change in response to the digitally disruptive age make themselves “future-proof”.

It is based on this background that Wawasan Open University, Penang, Malaysia wish to organize the International Conference on Borderless Learning 2019 (ICBL 2019) with the main theme of Education in a Digitally Disrupted Age. The sub-themes are as follows:

  •     Trends and Challenges

  •     Learning technologies, pedagogies and resources.

  •     Learning Analytics

  •     Learner Engagement

  •     Leadership and Professional development.

The conference will be held at Wawasan Open University Campus, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia from 9th to 11th October 2019. There will be a pre-conference workshop before the conference and a post-conference study tour after the conference. All are welcome to our beautiful sea-side campus in the UNESCO Heritage city of Georgetown, Penang.